Information on Membership Application

Qualification for membership application

Only persons who have registered an information and communication business according to Article 14 of the Information and communications construction Business Act can apply for membership.

Membership Application Procedure

An applicant for membership shall submit the application for membership to the corresponding Branch Offices in the city or province in which his/her place of business is located, and pay the initial fee and annual fee (which differ depending on the quarter of the year of the membership registration).

Membership Fee

Membership Fee
Description Amount

Initial Fee

KRW 4,000,000

(However, when registering for membership within 30 days after the registration date of a construction business, five percent will be credited.)


applying for

January ~ March

KRW 200,000

April ~ June

KRW 150,000

July ~ September

KRW 100,000

October ~ December

KRW 50,000

Every year

KRW 200,000 (to be paid by February 15 every year)

Members shall separately pay an ordinary membership fee (0.5/1000 of the reported business result) which is paid annually according to the result of construction work performed by the member’s company. A newly joined member is not required to pay the ordinary membership fee for the year in which he/she joined the association.

Items to be prepared for the membership application

Membership application form
Business registration certificate – 1 copy

Benefits for members

Support for the improvement of members’ profitability
Support for members’ management activities
Improvement of members’ technical competitiveness
Support for the protection of members’ rights and interests as well as alleviation of any difficulties