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Date of Establishment December 3, 1971
Chairman of Central Association Jeong Sang-Ho
Address 308 (Galweol-dong), Hangang-daero, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
Business of Association
Welfare promotion, protection of fair rights and interests and preserving the dignity of its members. System improvement as well as the fostering and development of the information and communications construction business.

Establishment of technical standards for information and communications facilities and implementation system improvement.

Arbitration for disputes related to the contracting and subcontracting of construction work for members.

Work entrusted by the government according to the Information and Communications Construction Business Act.

Technical guidance for industrial accident prevention at information and communications construction work sites and electrical work sites.

Research on the development of the information and communications construction business.

Since its establishment on December 3, 1971, KICA has been joined
by approximately 9,500 information and communications contractors engaged
in the establishment of the world’s best IT infrastructure as members.

2010 이미지


  • 2016.09.01
    Win the Prime Minister's Award
  • 2011.03.28
    Acquired "Korea Information and Telecommunication Industry Institute" establishment
2000 이미지


  • 2009.03.24
    Designated as a dedicated agency for the construction cost accumulation system
  • 2008.03.20
    Completed the construction of the Korea Information and Communication Center
  • 2004.07.02
    Win a commendation from the Minister of Labor
  • 2004.04.22
    Win a presidential commendation
  • 2003.03.03
    Open of "Korea ICT College"
  • 2002.08.16
    Permission to establish "Information and Communication College" (Ministry of Education)
  • 2001.07.06
    Carry out certification of information and communication supervisor(government entrusted)
1990 이미지


  • 1998.03.20
    Designated as a standard product management organization in the information and communication sector
  • 1998.03.09
    Initiation of training for certified Information & Communication Engineer
  • 1998.02.23
    Carry out a commissioned work from Goverment about Information & Communication Engineer' Career
  • 1998.01.01
    Rename Organization to "Korea Information & Communication contractors Association"
  • 1995.05.15
    Installed the "Safety Technology Institute"(Designated by the Ministry of Employment and Labor)
1980 이미지


  • 1983.12.19
    the relocation of a hall(Dogyo-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul)
  • 1983.01.01
    Designation of an authorized vocational training center
1970 이미지


  • 1978.11.06
    Established "Communication Technology Training Center" (Permitted by the Ministry of Employment and Labor)
  • 1974.02.10
    the relocation of a hall(Ojang-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul)
  • 1971.12.03
    "Korea Telecommunication Constructions Association" established(Special corporation according to the Telecommunication Facilities Construction Act)