KICA Businesses

Promotion of members’ welfare and protection of their fair rights and interests as well as preservation of their dignity
Improvement, fostering and development of the construction business system
  • Improvement of the Information and Communications Construction Business Act, State Contract Act and related systems
  • Expansion of the demand and supply domains for the construction business
  • Establishment of the order of the construction business and improvement of fair trade system
  • Various statistical surveys related to the construction businesses and management Analysis
  • Support for the development of overseas markets
Establishment of the technical standards for information and communications facilities and appropriate construction costs
  • Research and improvement of technical standards for information and communications facilities
  • Research and improvement of construction methods as well as distribution of new information and communications technologies
  • Rationalization of standard estimation, etc.
Arbitration for disputes regarding contracts and subcontracts of construction work for members
Work entrusted by the government according to the Information and Communications Construction Business Act
  • Application for the registration of information and communications construction business/Report of standards for registration/ Receipt of reports on transfers and mergers
  • Processing of reports on changes in information and communication business operator(address, representative director, capital, etc.)
  • Evaluation and public announcement of capability to perform construction work
  • Comprehensive management and provision of information related to construction businesses
  • Certification and management of the licenses of Information and communications technicians and supervisors
  • Training and fostering ICT workforce
Technical guidance for industrial accident prevention at information and communications construction work sites and electrical work sites
Research on the development of information and communication related construction work business